Why Your New Business Needs Google AdWords

Marketing Using Google AdWords with Set Sail Digital

Marketing Your New Business

So you’ve finally followed your dream and started a new business. Congratulations! That’s no small feat! You’ve put your heart and soul into it, and you’re doing your best to market it professionally. You’ve set up your brand new website, you’ve created a Facebook page, and you’re tweeting like crazy. This is, of course, in addition to hiring employees, selecting vendors, and, well, running your actual business.

In addition to being spread thin and having to run on fumes, you’ve begun to get call after call from people telling you they can help you make money online… for a fee. Local newspaper and business sales reps promise you exposure, impressions, clicks, visits, and more. There’s so much information to take in that your head begins to spin.

Why Spend Time and Money on Google AdWords?

What makes Google AdWords different than posting on social media or paying others for promotion? Why on earth do you need to spend more time (that you don’t even have) to set up a Google AdWords account, set up an AdWords campaign, set up AdWords Ad Groups, search for keywords relevant to your business, develop a bidding strategy, and monitor your advertising campaign once you push it live?

You’ve doing all the right things, right? You’ve spent a TON of money already! Why should you use AdWords to advertise and spend even more?

What Google AdWords Offers Your Business

Well, here’s the deal. Even if your brand new website is search engine optimized to the absolute max, it will take three to six months for all of that magnificent SEO to begin to take effect. Do you have that type of time to wait for customers to find you online? Of course you don’t! You need customers, and you need them now! Enter Google AdWords.

With Google AdWords, you aren’t reaching people when they are de-stressing after a long day at work, scrolling through photos of their most recent family gathering, or checking how the local high school football team did in the playoffs. You’re reaching people when they have their full attention on one thing: when they’re looking to purchase the products or services your business offers.

Here’s some revealing information about AdWords from Wordstream: nearly 65% of people click on a Google Ad instead of a regular search result when their intent is to make an online purchase. That’s a pretty high percentage, isn’t it?

What does this mean? It means that if you run properly optimized ad campaigns with keywords and keyword phrases that signal high intent, you’ll be able to reach people who are ready and willing to buy what you’re offering!

We Can Help with Your AdWords Campaigns

We know, we know… running Google AdWords campaigns is time-consuming, and your time is valuable. After all: you have a business to run. Your expertise is just that — your business — and not the Google AdWords platform.

That’s where Set Sail Digital comes in! We’ll conduct keyword research specific to your business and your location, we’ll create engaging ad copy for you, and we’ll make sure your Google Ads are properly optimized.

Let’s start a conversation about Google AdWords today!