A Google AdWords Consultant Will Help Cut Your AdWords Costs

Recently, a very disturbing report came out from The & Partnership that revealed businesses may have lost up to 12 billion digital advertising dollars in 2016 due to fraud. What can you as a business owner do to combat that? Nothing is 100% accurate, of course, but you can really cut your costs by being aware of where your Google AdWords money is going. An AdWords consultant could help with that!

It Pays to Take a Closer Look at Your Google AdWords Account

It literally pays to take a closer look at your AdWords account. A former client of mine used to run Google AdWords by herself. She sold decorative home goods, and when I first audited her Google AdWords account, I discovered that her text ads were appearing when people typed phrases like “cashmere bag” and “fresh pheasant” into Google. I also discovered that those same people were actually clicking on her ads. They weren’t buying anything, of course — my client offered cashmere-scented candles but no cashmere bags, and I honestly have no idea where “fresh pheasant” came from — but my client was paying for every single one of those clicks, and believe me… those clicks added up!

My client didn’t understand why her ads were appearing when people searched for those keyword phrases since she’d never entered them into her AdWords account. That is, of course, a very valid concern, so I explained the AdWords concept of “broad match” to her. “Broad matching” is the default setting in AdWords, so unless you specifically set up your keywords as different match types, they’re going to be “broad match.” According to Google, this default setting “helps you attract more visitors to your website.” That’s true, since your ads will run under multiple variations of your keywords, including (but not limited to) synonyms of your keywords, possible misspellings of your keywords, related searches to your keywords, etc. But the visitors certain Broad Match terms attracted to my client’s website weren’t valuable at all. They were, in fact, the opposite of valuable; they were costing her money.

Search Term Reports Are Your Friends

Many people just starting out with Google AdWords aren’t aware that your Keyword Reports can be very different than your Search Term Reports. For instance, if you run a Gotham Airport Shuttle business, one of your keywords could be “gotham airport shuttle,” because you want to reach people who are looking for ways to the airport. One of your search terms, however, could be “gotham air fare.” Airport shuttles and air fare are related, of course, but if you’re running airport shuttles, you wouldn’t necessarily want to pay for those interested in air fare to visit your site. That’s why Search Term Reports are your friends! If you didn’t look at your Search Term Report, you’d have no idea that your ads were showing up when people search for “gotham air fare.”

Negative Keywords Are Your Friends, Too

Once you find out how your AdWords visitors are actually getting to your website, how do you keep those pesky “gotham air fare” visitors away? With negative keywords! If you add negative keywords to your AdWords Accounts on either the Ad Group or Campaign level, your ads won’t run for searches that include that negative keyword.

A Google AdWords Consultant Will Help

Is this all too confusing or technical? That’s where a Google AdWords consultant comes in — and that’s where Set Sail Digital can help! We’ll help you create a brand new AdWords account for your business, or we’ll audit your existing one. You can be sure that we’ll provide you with the information you need to make better business decisions when it comes to Google AdWords. We want you to know where your money is going.

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