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Kristin Walker

At the helm of Set Sail Digital is Kristin Walker. One of the first pioneers into social business in Wilmington, NC, Kristin has more than 10 years experience in the digital marketing field and a strong passion for local businesses. Having worked with restaurants, golf course communities, real estate companies and three national non-profits (among others), Walker is well-versed in digital marketing for a variety of businesses and organizations. Kristin and her team are eager to help you promote your company online!

Robyn Morgan

Robyn Morgan has been implementing digital marketing strategies for over twelve years. Since earning her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, she’s edited websites and created digital marketing and search engine optimization strategies for the book industry, hospitality industry, real estate firms, real estate developers, writers, and journalists. Over the years, she’s been in charge of millions in sales via paid search advertising and affiliate networks, and she is known for increasing sales while simultaneously decreasing existing marketing and advertising costs. Her training in writing, her experience in service-based industries, and her success with ecommerce give her a unique business perspective. She understands that customer experience is just as important as a website’s conversion rate, and she keeps both at the forefront of her digital strategies.

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